Monday, January 27, 2020

Life is short- rip Kobe Bryant

Life is short- RIP Kobe Bryant

I really feel to write this today. Kobe Bryant the famous basketball player and his daughter died in a helicopter crash. I will be honest here, I did not know about him till I read the news everywhere on social media. After some research I know him a bit an American professional basketball player who earned immense respect in his work in a blink is no more. His plans for future, his family, friends are all left alone. Life is short and unpredictable, we are not sure of the next second. Only a good thought can ease us live happy in every moment, enjoy and so on.
But really what this life is? How good it would be if we take birth knowing the number of days/years of our life. We also need a chance to say goodbye to our people, to prepare them for the day. Unexpected deaths bring so much pain for the people who are left behind, there are no goodbyes no hugs. The dead person is gone in a second, the trauma is for the family to deal with the tragedy.
I am feeling so overwhelmed with emotions. In exam we know the time to show best. May be that could also be possible in life so that every moment can be lived in joy with our family.

I am going to die tomorrow let's have dinner tonight and hugs and kisses goodbye. I think this secario would be much better.