Thursday, September 5, 2019


So I found this teacher some four years back. And I have never found such teacher before. This teacher is teaching  me the best lessons so far and continuing perfectly to make me more calm and happy. She is teaching me how not to loose pateince and how to cherish and value time. Why I met you so late? Where were you?

My best learnings from this esteemed figure in my life are:

1.How to be happy always- now even wiping someone's ass makes me happyπŸ˜‹. Cleaning the whole mess I am not involved in makes me happy too.

2. How to adjust in less- sleeping on edge of the bed, wow I am so adjusting now. Thanks to my teacher, she is giving me the best teachings of life.

3. Appreciate small things- now I appreciate even if someone finish a glass of water. This is the power of this teacher.

4. How to always be in guilt- going to office fills me with guilt, staying at home makes me guilty. Leave all things apart now even going to washroom shows me as guilty.

5. Be happy in your own skin- she has taught me how to embrace own skin without any parlor visit and even no shower for days. So love yourself the way you are. I tell you, she is genius as a teacher.

6. How to make your mind happy- now a 5 minutes non disturbing shower feels like a spa. This is the power of a good teacher.

7. How to be a smart eater- I eat chocolates and junk food and trust me no one knows how. All credit to my teacher for life. For everyone, I am a healthy eaterπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—. I even have developed the skill now to stop chewing suddenly and pretend nothing is in my mouth.😜😜

So this is how a good teacher is. She is  my lovely and naughty girl. I found mine what about you?

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