Thursday, September 12, 2019


The synonym of toddler is tantrum 🤗. The tantrums played by these little monkeys are beyond control sometimes or I must say most of the time.

But tantrums are normal part of the child development and we as parents should know how to handle them with ease. Tantrums are the way to show they are upset and uncomfortable and they need something. So how we can stop these outbursts. Everytime we cannot fulfill their demands to make them happy.

Here comes the magic trick- the counting trick.

So what I follow is counting trick 1 to 20. And it's not like I count to ease my anger, it's a counting for the transition phase.

For instance when I take my daughter to park and after spending good time when I ask her to leave for home she starts playing tantrums like want to play more or want to go to friends house. At this time I use this trick. So I tell her I will count till 20 and we will change to other activity which is walking and going home. In this way she gets time as she demanded and also know to end the current activity quickly.

Many times she say count to 25 mumma and I do so. It helps.

At bedtime when she is fussy and don't want to sleep I do this and start counting and she quickly jumps to bed.

This takes time but once your kids understand, this trick really starts working.

Try, it may help you also.

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