Sunday, September 1, 2019


Public Speaking is the most fearful task for many. People loose their shit out when go public. And the same is with kids, they can feel intimidated same way as any adult can be. Without a doubt, this skill is the most demanding today. So how can we make our kids ready for it.

My 3.5 year old beautiful daughter got first position in first competition of her life. And that was so overwhelming, I have never felt so happy. Her sparkling eyes while showing me the certificate were so loveable and this memory I will cherish for life. I know she will do many participation in life but the value of everything first is beyond words.

Parents play a major role in child development and it's our responsibility to make sure how we can give them the best of life and best of skills which they will value forever.

Children can easily be mould the way you want.  They are like clay in potter's ✋. So make them the best of it.

Following simple rules can build the desired confidence amongst them to go for the public speaking platform and win the 💓. Winning is not always the answer, participation is.

How this can be achieved-

1. Talk and Talk-  the basic rule, talk as much as you can and talk like having a great conversation with adults. Don't converse in kids voice. Talk and allow them to speak and listen carefully with interest. Showing interest develops confidence amongst kids and they feel the urge to share their stories.

2. Don't over correct- correct them wisely don't overdo it. Let them get free from the hesitation first and then correct them. I always try to speak in English with my girl. And how I started is translating the Hindi words to English. This gives the understanding of both the languages.

3. Appreciate them- My daughter loves being appreciated and I do that because she loves it. At the bedtime I daily tell her few lines like you speak so well and we are so proud of you keep that up. So in her sub conscious she knows that she is doing her best.

4. The word rule- pick a word and make a story of it. First you start and your kids will definitely follow you with their self made funny stories.

Make the learning fun for your lovely kids, do not burden them unnecessarily.