Saturday, September 7, 2019


My daughter recently started her formal school. For the first few months, it was impossible to get my daughter open up about her school. Hundred times I used to ask her the same question "How was your day" but all in vain. Why these little babies don't want to share their life easily, which we as parents urge to know. Poor us :(

I know that my baby is happy and enjoying her new life (school days) but somewhere in my eyes I always yearn to get a glimpse of that part of her life in which I don't exist. I want to know the cute little stories of the school time, how she is making friends and what she talks with her friends, how she eats food herself and so on. I sometimes pray to God to make me invisible for a day so that I can live the day seeing my child enjoying her new life. But these kids perfectly knows how to make their moms more curious by not speaking at all about their day.

So after trying hard to get my daughter open about the school time, I came up with a trick which really helps. Now I don't ask the same question to her. She willing tells me everything about her school. So how it works.

It's a meeting trick. We all three sit together at night and do a meeting. So first I start and tell about my day what I eat, what I did and so on and then husband tells about his day what he eat, which friend sat with him, how many times he go to washroom, what work he did and all the data of our day is related with like a small kid day. And then my daughter starts and full suspense story of the day finally comes out :):)

It's the easiest way to connect and communicate. Try it and you will also get to know what your little kids do when away.

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