Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Every girl after being a mother would relate to this. How our mom made our life happy. She was also judged, she loose pateince, she felt worst many days but she nailed it.

What she must have felt while handling us as toddler , don't we need to know?

1. We made her cry not few times but many.

2. We made her feel vulnerable while she had the option to choose something for her.

3. We made her feel of no value while we were choosing.

4. We made her happy. Watching us sleep was the best happy moment for her.

5. We made her angry.

6. We made her forget what a quiet shower looks like 🤗

7. We made her forget what hot coffee taste like.

8. We never left her alone, not even in washroom.

9. She loves us more than herself.

10. She felt sad seeing us sad😒

11. We made her life meaningful

12. We are the best thing happened to her.

13. She repeated one thing 100 times to make us understand.

Since we are moms now, we know what we have done to our moms. Our kids are taking the best revenge from us for troubling their Nani Maa.

So guys, we are not doing anything new. Our moms had already nailed it. Don't feel bad if you have a bad day with your child. They will grow perfect the way we all have grown 😍😍😍😍

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