Friday, August 16, 2019


Ananya please give me a glass of water, Raj her husband said. Its 6 am in morning and Ananya is in her dreams and suddenly alarm buzzes and she wakes up.  And the morning ritual starts with a  glass of water for husband, a cup of tea for herself and a bottle of milk for her daughter. Ananya gets her daughter ready for school and Raj drops her.

Morning ritual is the toughest time for mothers, so much tantrums to handle.

She prepared breakfast and lunch for Raj and see off Raj for office and quickly finishes all her chores and don't want to get late for the most important meeting of the day which she daily conducts with the most important person. This part of the day keeps her energetic for full day and she cherish this moment the most. Its 12'0Clock and time to leave, Ananya took a water bottle, car keys and lock the door. Someone special daily wait for her at this time to meet with love, warmth and smile. This special someone is one with whom Ananya laugh with, dream with and love with all her heart.  She daily reach 15 minutes before, she loves to wait for this special someone who is a gift for her from God.  And its the time to meet the loveable soul with charming smile and deep eyes. This is the time to pick up her lovely daughter from school. The wait for both of them gets over they hugged each other share some kisses and continue the drive to home. This daily drive is very special for both of them, they share their day and talk endlessly with no break.

"Daughter's love is the best love, its a gift from God that you will have a friend forever in life"

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