Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Everyone is busy in the house, relatives have started coming in. The full house is decorated as a new bride and why not its Sia's marriage. Sia a 24 year old beautiful girl, highly educated and topper in professional course. A girl with full of life     and melodious voice. So how her love story started- she fall for a tall handsome guy in her office, both started seeing each other and after few months of dating they decided to spend rest of their lives together. Raj is from other caste, so after some melodrama from both the sides of the families the date of the marriage was fixed. The happy girl Sia was all set to change her life completely for Raj.

And the day arrived when both exchanged vows and promised to love each other forever. Sia shifted her base to Raj's hometown, left her job to be with the dream man of her life. Her settling time was difficult in Raj's home as the culture of both the families was entirely different, but she tried her best and started living happily with her husband. Raj loved her and that's all what she wants, they got blessed with two loving children. Sia was happy in her life but somewhere she always felt that something is missing in her life. Even a minor argument with Raj disturbed her for days. She couldn't understand why such emotions are hitting her badly deep within. " Did she only dreamt of being a happy wife to someone", no doubt this was the only advice she was being given- BE A GOOD WIFE. Is this dream sufficient to spend her entire life. Sia started questioning her dignity and failed to express her emotions she started feeling depressed and lonely after 10 years of marriage. " Hidden emotions can come out anytime". That was her decision to leave her career at the time of marriage, no one forced her, no one questioned her either. So now after why so long she feels lonely.

We cannot stop our emotions but we definitely should know how to play with them.

You should live for yourself first, you should do what makes you happy. If you feel something is not going right, talk to your loved ones and share your feelings. Do not let the burden of loneliness get heavy on your soul. Be a good wife, a good mother but all before that be a person you want to be. Do not loose hope, all problems can be sorted with communication. Make yourself independent and its not only financial independence. its a complete independence from dependency on anyone. Be strong and courageous, do not give the control of your life to someone else.

"Womens are like tea bags they show their best strong color when dipped in hot water (difficult situation). Do not let your emotions go on a roller coaster ride, think and stand strong.

"Your Loved Ones Need You".