Saturday, August 24, 2019


Indra Market Bangkok
Indra Market BangkokOne of the famous shopping place in Bangkok is Indra Square Market. Its a best market for Indian tourists, you can buy anything here at very good reasonable price. A great market for bags, suitcases, shoes and artificial jewelry. I love the shoes collection here. It offers a variety of clothing, accessories, shoes and bags at steal prices. Play with your bargaining skills and steal the deals.

A perfect place to buy souvenirs, this market gets very busy in evening and you need a full day to stroll the complete market. There is a food court on top floor with different type of cuisines. The sales girls speak fluent hindi and make you feel home :)

Indra Market Bangkok
You can get very cute stationary stuff here. Its a fully centralized ac market so no problem in strolling the place. You will definitely end up buying lot of stuff. The market is full with Indian tourists and it gives a feel of some Indian street shopping place.  

This market must be in your Itinerary of Bangkok!

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