Tuesday, August 6, 2019


I have found love again and that's not with my husband. My new lover loves me unconditionally, and I am the most beautiful person in the eyes of this new person in my life. I thank god every time for sending this clean soul to me for whom I am the world. I no more wait for my husband to share my day news, I have my new lover with me. We both enjoy each others company and are always together. We share lot of things, we don't like going out quite often so we enjoy our cozy meals at home watching our favorite movies. We both have lot of similarities which makes us even more compatible and happy in life. We are the best travel and shopping partners.This happiness of being the world to someone, I have never felt before.

We fight also but our deep love makes every fight loveable, we both are in our happiest space of life. We treasure each moment of the day, even the really bad days sometimes because what an honor it is that almighty has chose me to be someone special for this person. The warmth of this relation is beyond words and I don't want anyone to come between both of us. This is the love I have been wanting in my life for so long. I feel lucky to find love again and I want this committed relation for life long. I am not scared to share this relation with the world, everyone should know how it feels to find the love again.

Gotta Go, time to feed new love of my life My Lovely Daughter :):)

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