Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Watch Smile- 10:10

DO you ever wonder why there is always a time set 10:10 on any time device before the actual time is set up. In almost every advertisement for watches, the time is set to 10:10. Why 10:10? 

A watch dial is also called a watch face - and with hands at 10:10, the face of the watch looks smiling. This is how the watch advertisers think and the irony has crept into the point that sometimes you will get to see digital watch ads to be set to 10:10, even though it doesn't look like a smile.

There may be many other reasons too like:-The time 10:10, Abraham Lincoln died. That symbol looks like V and V for victory.In that time, the name of the brand is clearly seen.This position is symmetrical and human brain appreciates symmetry

But the best reason I like is the Smiling Watch Face.
So the conclusion is " WATCHES ALSO SMILE"  :):)

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