Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The secret to a happy marriage remains a secret

The secret to a happy marriage remains a secret. Me and my husband are married for 8 years and still our search is on, search to figure out the secret of happy marriage lol. It is rightly said that Marriages are made in heaven but so is thunder and lightening. When husband is happy, wife becomes sad and when wife is happy husband become curious. The gist is both cannot see each other happy. In first year of marriage husband speaks and wife listen, second year is for wife to speak and thereafter husband wife both speaks and neighbors listen. A happy marriage is a combination of two imperfect players who refuse to give up on each other and irritate for life.

"One pretty lady was relaxing with a glass of wine with her husband near, and she says I love you so much I don't know how I could ever live without you. Happy husband curiously ask is that you or the wine talking, to which she replied Its me talking to the wine". So this is a happy marriage where both stays together no matter what. They are happy, they are sad, they are irritating but are together for life.

Keeping funny part aside, as there is no secret and everything is open so follow some quick tips to keep the spark alive

1. Respect each other

2. Trust each other

3. Do not take your spouse for granted

4. Communicate and travel together

5. Give each other some space.

6. Don't bring ego issue. It can spoil the relation to worse

7. Say Sorry


9. Share responsibilities. Gender Equality is the latest trend.

You have got the one best person who you can irritate and annoy for the rest of your life so enjoy and keep the life of the pure relation alive.

"Cheers to the good life".

Disclaimer- I am happily married with the best person, the views mentioned are quirky for the interest of the readers.

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