Monday, July 29, 2019


Nowadays the perfect saying apt for modern couples is "contraceptive pills and condoms are the 2nd and 3rd measures of controlling population, and the first one being school fees", funny but true. The exorbitant fees of schools leads the couples to opt for one child policy.

Education is the basic right and private schools definitely knows how to play with this card . The time is not far when schools will demand a portion in the will for providing education to the child:)  

Private schools charge for anything and everything. It is an organized business setup wherein parents have to rigidly follow the manual. Even a pencil has to be bought from school approved vendors. Hence parents decide to give best to one child and also stop from giving the best gift of life to only child, a sibling.

Then there are other factors also- the rising cost of living, the lack of child care support and the urge to go back to work made to stop with one child.

Time has changed and both parents are working, so the family completes at one child. This is also true that number of children doesn't bring any change, its all about how happy you are within as a parent.

"Cheers to all parents who are happy with their one kid, two kids and so on".

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