Wednesday, July 17, 2019


So much silence in the house, I can’t handle it and I really don't like it. My daughter is sleeping and gaining her energy to make us happy and chirpy. After getting her in my life, now I realize what was missing when she was not with us. She makes our life beautiful, joyful. Kissing and cuddling her is like a therapy which gives instant relief and happiness.

Being a mom has improved me lot as a person. I never thought that I would be so calm and full of patience. I never thought that wiping as ass would feel so great (lol). I love cleaning up the mess, I don't make.

I had no idea how selfish I was until I became a mother. My entire life revolved around myself and then in an instant it was about someone else entirely. It has made me a better person in so many ways.
I never thought that feeding someone would be so satisfying. Times when my daughter finishes her food (which rarely happens), that is the most satisfying moment for me.

I never thought that I would be so full of patience at any time that I will sit continuously for hours holding cellphone with baby videos on in one hand and bowl of food in another feeding my child.
I never thought that I would be so hygienically perfect for someone that I will wash the bowl five times before serving food to my child.

I never feel gloomy, tired when my daughter is around. I never have a dull moment. Motherhood has taught me to value my time. Motherhood has taught me to be happy and laughing always. The only purpose for me is to maintain the divine smile of my daughter, which I am sure all the mothers would relate to.

My quality of life has improved. My child has taught me to be calm in stressed situation, she has taught me to be happy when things are not in favor. She has improved me as a person.

She has taught me to free myself and let things take their own natural course. I will also completely agree to the fact that all changes comes with lot of toll on health. We women forget to take care of our self, we should always remember if we are healthy our child will be healthy too. We are the one who have the responsibility of giving a better, healthy and good life to our children. Only a  healthy mind can give a happy life to others. Sometimes, between juggling the home, the work and the child, it's easy to lose track of who you are as a person - what motivate you, what relaxes you, what makes you happy. Being a little selfish is important too. Taking some time out for yourself is important. Do what make you happy, learning to say no is important. Saying yes to yourself is important. It sounds rude but if you aren't happy in your life, then you cannot make those around you happy. Doing DIY, decorating my house and gardening makes me happy and I make sure to take some time out to do it, as it relaxes me. Watering my potted plants is the ultimate soother for my stressed mind.

Follow the simple habits which can release stress, learn your stress signs and tune into your body accordingly. Take a mommy time out break and ask for help from family members (you are the one who can judge your body on when it needs a break).Try Tea- drinking hot helps you bring slow down and a little dark chocolate can also bring on the calm. Read a good book before sleep, find one spot in the house that makes you happy and unwind after a stressful day.

I thank God every time for giving me this gift of motherhood. Being a mother is something you cannot define in words, it just comes in your actions. Those little creatures have that aura which keeps you running on your toes all the time


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