Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Who doesn't want long silky straight hairs. They look marvelous, and boost your confidence instantly. But everything comes with two sides, every positive has some negatives too. And in case of Rebonding Process, the negatives are more than positives.

Rebonding is a chemical treatment to alter the texture or structure of hairs. This includes lot of heat treatment and use of harsh chemicals. Depending upon the length of the hairs, the cost and the time differs. Now a days every one is fascinated with this treatment, even I was the same once. People who know me can connect on the fascination of straight hairs which I had when I started my training of my degree some 10 years back. I was very frustrated with my natural curls which used to take so much time every morning to settle down and agree as per my taste. So finally I decided to go for Rebonding. I remember I was in Noida that time and went to a parlor which my room mate used to visit. It was a decent place and daily 8-10 Rebondings were done as per the data provided by the owner. And one such day, I was the client. So the process took 6-8 hours and I paid some 8k for it. I was dead tired but the urge to get the straight hairs kept me strong and made me sit for so many hours. My first Rebonding was done and I felt so good, no more time wastage on hairs. You get up and you go. nothing is required on your hairs, so this goes well for some 6-8 months. And after that the real struggle begins, the new growth of hairs and trust me they look horrible much horrible than your original curls. So Rebonding gives you a short term happiness. After every 6-8 months the process needs to be done again unless you are comfortable in those new fizzy bad hairs. Its a addiction, you cannot live without it. I have done Rebonding 9 times, and its really cumbersome.

But this time I am not going for it anymore. Wow it gives a sense of relief. Rebonding makes your hairs very vulnerable and lot of care is needed. Good products can be a savior, and I finally found such few products which are helping me to maintain my hairs in smooth way.

Check these out and try and see if you really want that harsh treatment again :-

1.LOREAL PROFIBER SHAMPOO - This is a shampoo for damaged hairs, the unique ingredients leave a soft touch after every wash. Hairs get detangled easily and new growth doesn't look freezy. It comes in a beautiful shaped bottle, which is easy to use.

2.LOREAL  MYTHIC OIL MASQUE - This is a hair mask, simply apply on damp shampooed hairs and leave for 3-4 minutes and rinse thoroughly. It balance the natural oil balance in the hairs.The 200ml jar cost Rs 980/-

3. LOREAL MYTHIC OIL SERUM- This is a non greasy oil and transform the dull hairs into shiny hairs. It works well both on damp and dry hairs.

Personally I feel Rebonding is not good, just take care of your natural hairs with good products and you will be good to go. Experience teach the best lesson :)

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