Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Flight to Bangkok- 5 things should not be missed

Hola, I am back after a week long vacation from Bangkok and Pattaya. And it was fun, this was the first abroad trip for my daughter and we made sure to keep it fun, exciting and memorable. Though we made some blunders but thank God it didn't spoiled our holiday vibe.

We took a night flight to Bangkok. We reached the airport three hours before as usual practice. After getting security/immigration done we relaxed,shopped and get some quick snacks before getting into the flight. We carried buggy for our daughter and that was the best thing. Kids are fussy for walking long so buggi/stroller/pram is must when travelling with kids.

We took our seats in the flight, and then came out first blunder guess what when the crew started food and beverages we realize that we are not carrying the Indian currency. We exchanged the full currency for BAHT(Thailand currency). I rigorrosuly checked my bag, my daughter's bag and luckily found Rs 200 and we could get some munchies for my daughter. Sadly they were not accepting the cards which was quite strange. After all this we felt sleepy. I always carry a wrap-up/ Shawl for my daughter wherever I go. The flight was cold and this time I was urging for a wrap-up for myself too. So I asked for one blanket from crew. And we slept. We reached at 3am in morning at Bangkok Airport, we did all formalities for visa on arrival which took approx 3 hours. Our pre-booked taxi arrived at 6am in morning and we reached our hotel in Pattaya at 8:30am. We planned first three days in Pattaya and last three days in Bangkok. So we reached our hotel at 8:30am, where another nightmare was waiting for us. Our check in time was 2pm, I don't know how we overlooked this. We were dead tired and requested the staff for early check-in, they gave us a room with some additional 2000Baht for early check-in. We got the room and slept with do not disturb tag.

So now the main point is what should not be missed while planning your trip

Always carry a stroller/pram when travelling with kids. This cannot be missed. Kids are always fussy when they have to walk long and you cannot hold them always in your lap. We carried the buggy and we were the happiest family😀😀.

Always carry your local currency. We missed it and realize the blunder later. Check your hotel check-in time and plan your trip according.Carry a wrap-up for your kids and yourself. International flights are really very cold. Cotton balls for your ears, I get some really bad pain in ears, so cotton balls help.

After few silly mistakes we reached our hotel and enjoyed our trip to the fullest. Stay tuned for knowing our experience of visit to Pattaya and Bangkok.

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