Monday, June 10, 2019

Handbag essentials when travelling with kids

"TRAVELLING MAKES EVERYONE HAPPY", but the experience of travelling may differ when you have kids. It needs lot of planning and if not planned carefully it can be stressful and can become a "why we came out of home" moment.

The biggest challenge is Air Travel and question pop up what to pack in handbag and how to keep the kids occupied at Airport and in flight. I have maintained a detailed list on travel essentials which are required to be in the handbag when travelling with my daughter. This helps me to make her travel and most importantly my travel fun. I hope this will help you also in planning your next trip.

1) Few Favorite Toys- Few means few. I am not in favor of keeping large sack of toys in   handbag. Kids don't play much with old toys and they get bored easily. So keep only few. Always remember less is more when travelling with kids.

2) Sipper Cup/ Water Bottle- Required with no discussion.

3) Socks- Long flights can be cold, so to keep feet warm socks are must.

4) Extra Pair of Clothing- Kids can get stains anywhere anytime, so do not take risk.

5) Snacks- I carry home made muffins/raisins/Fruits. Always keep dry items.

6) Small Blanket- to make kid sleep and feel cosy.

7)Medicines- basic medicine for fever, band aid. Full first aid kit is not required.

8) Tissue Paper and Wipes.

9) Books/ Crayons/ Coloring Books/ Writing Practice Books- they keeps kids engage.

10) Diapers- if not toilet trained.

11) Bibs

And most importantly one cute and light backpack for the child to carry sunglasses, hat, favorite soft toy. Me and my daughter are the best travel buddies.

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