Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Living Room is the heart of the house. It's a get together space for family and friends to make memories, so it should be taken care with utmost love and care. It should give the warmth and reflect the true personality of the people staying in the house. Bring in your unique personality to reflect in your room. After all it is the space for you to spend most of the time relaxing, meeting friends, family, tea talks. Two things which every living room should have are Comfort and Coziness. Incorporating décor items can bring life to a boring room. There are no hard and fast décor rules while doing a living room, so get creative and bring your inner designer out and play the game.

Check out the essentials which cannot be missed while adding life to your living room.   

1. RUGS- The basic elements to make the living room lively and cozy are the Rugs. Rugs can never go wrong, even a plain basic style can do justice. They can be a game changer in making the difference before and after work. So pick up a rug which suits your living area and taste.
living room design

2. PLANTS- Plants not only make the space inviting, they also make the air of your house healthy. Plants purify air for us and relaxes the soul and mind. So put some indoor plants and make your space more inviting and healthier.

3. ROCKING CHAIRS- I personally like keeping rocking chairs in my living area. its a thinking space for me. Just sit and relax and watch the beauty of your room.

4. ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS- Bring some and add more colors in your space

5. COUCH AND CUSHIONS- Cushions can never be enough. Put plenty of cushions to give the warm feeling.

6. DRAWER/CHEST- This is essential to display different things like décor, souvenirs, frames with family pictures.

7. MIRRORS- Place mirrors on wall and see the difference how the room stand out. Mirrors bring life to a boring place.

8. DIY WALL- For me its a must. I love doing DIYs, so this reflects my personality. Hang your handmade stuff on wall and cherish in your relaxing time. I have put two frames, if you will notice that's a first craft activity done by my daughter. The second thing is blackboard which was lying unused, so I used it as a memory hanger- daughter's pic with her tiny feet.
Add some wallpapers to cover the wall, paint some glass bottles and put plants.

 9. KEY HOLDER & CANDLE STAND- Get some funky keyholders and candle holder on the wall.
Living Room Set Up

Doing a living room needs lot of time, research and efforts. So take some ideas and get started and make this space lively and inviting for people you love.

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