Saturday, June 15, 2019


" Who says you always need internet to kill time"? I know I know long flights can be frustrating and the experience can become more terrible if you are travelling solo. So what can be done? How you can pass your time to beat the boredom mid flight. Do check out how I  make my flight time pleasant . Consider trying these few to have a good relaxing flight time.

1. Sleep - follow the golden rule "if you have no work, sleep sleep sleep and give your body and mind rest for some good time".

2. Read Book- carry a book with you which for the long time was in your book shelf and you were not able to take time out to read. Flight time can be the best time to read.

3. Screen time- long flights have screens with good TV shows/series and movies. Entertain yourself with some good screen time.

4. Complete Official Assignment- You may finish your assignment, PPTs or other official pending work.

5. Eat Drink, Eat Drink and repeat and unwind yourself from stress.

6. Write a detailed journal about your previous vacation.

7. Get engaged in some creative writing.

8. Strike up conversation with your neighbor.

9. Take some color books and let the inner painter come out.

10. Think about your vacation :) :)  

11. Play Games and get yourself distracted from tedious flights


  1. do write review on flight food
    some are aweful

    1. thanks for comment. some are awful but some are good too. will write a review sure.