Saturday, June 15, 2019


Apparently in today's life it seems impossible to feel positive daily. So much stress and no work life balance. But if you start finding happiness in small things, it is possible to feel positive. Your mind has the power to control thoughts, so why not make efforts to think positively. Positive thoughts create positive emotions and positive emotions leads to a positive mindset. If you feel happy, your surroundings will be happy and thought process will also work that way. Its not always big monetary things that can make you fulfilled even small gestures can create happiness. You always try to control life and cry for things which you do not have. This doesn't help in anyway to come out of sorrow/grief/loneliness, instead you are more filled with negativity in life. Life is too short to live with regrets and bad memories. it is unpredictable and never goes the planned way. So stop planning and start living. Do the things which makes you happy. Forgive and Forget and always smile. You never know if you are blessed to see the next second of your life or not. Try to find happiness in whatever you do and definitely you will feel the difference in quality of your life.

Try these few things which can make you happy and can give your daily dose of happiness.

1) Playing with your child

2) Morning Walk

3) Taking care of potted plants

4) Writing

5) Reading good book

6) Keeping a Pet

7) DIYs

8) Baking

9) Watching your favorite show

10) Decluttering your house

11) Driving

12) Drop and pick up of your child from school

13) Shopping

14) Staying awake whole night for your me time

Last but not the least SMILE a Big SMILE should always be on your pretty face.


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