Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Handbag essentials for Air Travel

Planned Packing requires lot of time and efforts. You cannot miss anything important at your travel time which can be a spoiler for your trip. Since its holidays time and most of you must be planning for a trip, so check out the important essentials which are required to be in your handbag:

1. Passport & Visa- You CANNOT forget these two important   documents. Keep them in a zip of your bag separately.

2. Warm Cover Up-  Air travel can be very cold, so carry a good warm shawl for comfort.

3. Pair of Socks- To keep your feet's warm during long flights.

4. Good Book- Finish your read at airport during layover and in flight.

5. Neck Pillow

6. Wallet

7. Pouch of beauty basics

8. Tissue Papers & Wet Wipes

9. Sun Glasses

10. Portable Chargers

11. Munching Snacks

12. Pen & NoteBook

13. Medicines

14. Sanitizer

And always have at least one pair of clothes just in case check in baggage gets lost or delayed.

Take proper time in planning and packing, and you will never go wrong.

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