Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Experience Bergen, Norway

Bergen is a beautiful city in Norway. It is surrounded with mountains,fjord and colorful wooden houses. So appealing for the eyes. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and is as beautiful as some fairy scenery. "A scenic beauty" in few words.

I went Bergen in month of May, the perfect summer time. The summers there are very chilly and breezy for us unlike the summers in India and rain can be anytime of the year. I stayed in hotel Terminus located in the city center. It's a very cosy hotel with humble staff, good food and a very good location.It was my 3 night stay in this hotel and it went quite well. I reached Bergen on 15th May and that day I was too tired to go outside and explore, so only took a walk near the hotel. I had a  long connecting flight of 11 hours including the haul at Amsterdam Airport. So on 16th I explored the city center,and it's so cool. Small restaurants, colorful wooden houses and shops to shop till you drop. I bought so many souvenirs and same day attended a meeting at softeland. Softeland is a 40 minutes drive from the city center and is another scenic beauty. Then on 17th May I got to see the glimpse of National Day of Bergen, a treat to watch. Everyone get dressed in their traditional outfit and marching on roads.

When I was planning my trip, many people told me that it will be tough for me to get Indian/veg food since I am a pure vegetarian, but trust me I survived on good veg food and no hustle in getting it. I ate big burger meals, falafal meals sitting at Bryggen near the river side restaurants.

If you are nature lover, you cannot miss being at this beautiful city. So start planning your trip.

My next destination is London, will share my experience soon.


  1. Bergen truly very beautiful and people are also very friendly. First thing I have noticed the clean environment and no pollution. Very good tourist destination.

    1. So clean and soothing for the eyes. People there are so polite and you feel safe even when you travelling alone.