Tuesday, August 20, 2019

How to make Suji (Semolina) Appe

suji appe/semolina appam recipe
Providing healthy and tasty breakfast to the family is the prime chore of the day. Since morning is a quick time to start the day, the breakfast should be instant as well. One of the tasty recipe in my breakfast menu is Semolina Appe/Suji Appe or Appam. It taste good and easy to cook. Do try this recipe.


 1. 1 cup Rava/ Suji/ Semolina
2. ½ cup Curd
3. ½ cup water
4.1 tbsp oil for Tadka

5.1 tbsp oil for greasing Appe pan
6. 1 green chili chopped
7. 10-12 Curry leaves
8. 1/4 Tsp Eno (fruit salt)

9. 1tbsp mustard seeds
10. Salt as per taste


1. Mix Semolina and curd in a bowl, add water and salt. Mix it make a batter and let it rest for 15 minutes.

2. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan, add mustard seed and curry leaves. Stir it and mix it in batter.

3. Heat appe pan, grease it with oil.When pan is heated and ready add ENo to the batter and give it a quick stir.

suji appe/semolina appam recipe4. Pour the batter in appe pan, cover it with lid and cook it on medium flame.

5. Turn the appes and cook from the other side. When cooked take them out and serve with hot cup of tea.
sujii appam/appe recipe

Friday, August 16, 2019


Ananya please give me a glass of water, Raj her husband said. Its 6 am in morning and Ananya is in her dreams and suddenly alarm buzzes and she wakes up.  And the morning ritual starts with a  glass of water for husband, a cup of tea for herself and a bottle of milk for her daughter. Ananya gets her daughter ready for school and Raj drops her.

Morning ritual is the toughest time for mothers, so much tantrums to handle.

She prepared breakfast and lunch for Raj and see off Raj for office and quickly finishes all her chores and don't want to get late for the most important meeting of the day which she daily conducts with the most important person. This part of the day keeps her energetic for full day and she cherish this moment the most. Its 12'0Clock and time to leave, Ananya took a water bottle, car keys and lock the door. Someone special daily wait for her at this time to meet with love, warmth and smile. This special someone is one with whom Ananya laugh with, dream with and love with all her heart.  She daily reach 15 minutes before, she loves to wait for this special someone who is a gift for her from God.  And its the time to meet the loveable soul with charming smile and deep eyes. This is the time to pick up her lovely daughter from school. The wait for both of them gets over they hugged each other share some kisses and continue the drive to home. This daily drive is very special for both of them, they share their day and talk endlessly with no break.

"Daughter's love is the best love, its a gift from God that you will have a friend forever in life"

Thursday, August 8, 2019

And She Passed Away- Leaving The Not So Beautiful World Behind!

It was a Saturday morning when Kanika gets a call from her mother in law speaking in a grief voice telling her that Radha passed away. Radha, Kanika's sister-in-law young sister. She was barely 33 year old, had 4 year old beautiful daughter. Kanika was shocked and started crying and remembering her from all the beginning when she was introduced to her by her sister in law. Kanika and Radha shared same age. What a beautiful person she was, a confident lady with a sparkling smile and most importantly she was a fighter. She was suffering from cancer and was fighting with it with the strong attitude. Her daughter was her strength but god did not want this, Kanika was crying inconsolably questioning the justice of God. How he could do so much injustice to a small child who dint even realize that her mother will never come back. Does God even exists.

People say it's your karma of previous life but we are not even aware that what we have done wrong and punishment is announced. No questions no mercy. Radha has gone and quickly she must be in another life but what she has left behind is heartbreaking. Kanika is in grief and always question " Does God Exists"?

" Life is so unpredictable" . You never know which is your last breath.  We sometimes crib so much about small things, money, relatives that we forget to live a happy life.There are people who are suffering so much but still happy and there are people who have everything but still unhappy and negative. We don't know what destiny has written for us. No control no questions. When the time will come to leave, no answer will be given for "why me". No power no money can give the extra breath to say goodbye to your loved ones. "MONEY CANNOT BUY LIFE"

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


I have found love again and that's not with my husband. My new lover loves me unconditionally, and I am the most beautiful person in the eyes of this new person in my life. I thank god every time for sending this clean soul to me for whom I am the world. I no more wait for my husband to share my day news, I have my new lover with me. We both enjoy each others company and are always together. We share lot of things, we don't like going out quite often so we enjoy our cozy meals at home watching our favorite movies. We both have lot of similarities which makes us even more compatible and happy in life. We are the best travel and shopping partners.This happiness of being the world to someone, I have never felt before.

We fight also but our deep love makes every fight loveable, we both are in our happiest space of life. We treasure each moment of the day, even the really bad days sometimes because what an honor it is that almighty has chose me to be someone special for this person. The warmth of this relation is beyond words and I don't want anyone to come between both of us. This is the love I have been wanting in my life for so long. I feel lucky to find love again and I want this committed relation for life long. I am not scared to share this relation with the world, everyone should know how it feels to find the love again.

Gotta Go, time to feed new love of my life My Lovely Daughter :):)

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The secret to a happy marriage remains a secret

The secret to a happy marriage remains a secret. Me and my husband are married for 8 years and still our search is on, search to figure out the secret of happy marriage lol. It is rightly said that Marriages are made in heaven but so is thunder and lightening. When husband is happy, wife becomes sad and when wife is happy husband become curious. The gist is both cannot see each other happy. In first year of marriage husband speaks and wife listen, second year is for wife to speak and thereafter husband wife both speaks and neighbors listen. A happy marriage is a combination of two imperfect players who refuse to give up on each other and irritate for life.

"One pretty lady was relaxing with a glass of wine with her husband near, and she says I love you so much I don't know how I could ever live without you. Happy husband curiously ask is that you or the wine talking, to which she replied Its me talking to the wine". So this is a happy marriage where both stays together no matter what. They are happy, they are sad, they are irritating but are together for life.

Keeping funny part aside, as there is no secret and everything is open so follow some quick tips to keep the spark alive

1. Respect each other

2. Trust each other

3. Do not take your spouse for granted

4. Communicate and travel together

5. Give each other some space.

6. Don't bring ego issue. It can spoil the relation to worse

7. Say Sorry


9. Share responsibilities. Gender Equality is the latest trend.

You have got the one best person who you can irritate and annoy for the rest of your life so enjoy and keep the life of the pure relation alive.

"Cheers to the good life".

Disclaimer- I am happily married with the best person, the views mentioned are quirky for the interest of the readers.

Monday, July 29, 2019


Nowadays the perfect saying apt for modern couples is "contraceptive pills and condoms are the 2nd and 3rd measures of controlling population, and the first one being school fees", funny but true. The exorbitant fees of schools leads the couples to opt for one child policy.

Education is the basic right and private schools definitely knows how to play with this card . The time is not far when schools will demand a portion in the will for providing education to the child:)  

Private schools charge for anything and everything. It is an organized business setup wherein parents have to rigidly follow the manual. Even a pencil has to be bought from school approved vendors. Hence parents decide to give best to one child and also stop from giving the best gift of life to only child, a sibling.

Then there are other factors also- the rising cost of living, the lack of child care support and the urge to go back to work made to stop with one child.

Time has changed and both parents are working, so the family completes at one child. This is also true that number of children doesn't bring any change, its all about how happy you are within as a parent.

"Cheers to all parents who are happy with their one kid, two kids and so on".

Thursday, July 25, 2019



Children are the source of energy in the house, they bring happiness and joy in family. Almost every mom falls in category of yelling mom at some point of time. We want to make parenting so perfect that we often forget how hard steps we are taking on the kids to make it possible. We don't want to get judged by the society, hence get over strict and stressed. Is it even required?

Perfect mother is a myth and its perfectly fine if your child is not as good as other child. Pressurising and yelling will take them nowhere and they will start following the same behavioral gestures for others. Parents are the role model of child and they religiously follow their parents. This is a fact that children adapt wrong things easily and take years to adapt good habits.

The victims of our furious nature are our own kids. They cry, scream and still come to us for our love and hugs and then we feel ashamed and guilty of our nature towards them.

Our uncontrolled aggression makes them stubborn, anger has no purpose and it can never solve the issue. It puts full stop on communication between child and mom.

When kids throw tantrums and doesn't listen it means they are upset about something and they don't know how to express. So being the mom, its our responsibility to figure it out. Be quiet and calm and wait for the child to calm down, that's the only solution. If the child is screaming and you start yelling, the situation gets worse. Punishment is not the solution, explanation is. My 3.5 year old daughter always say please explain me and not shout at me :).

I also completely understand the fact that mothers are stressed and frustrated full day and then children become the soft target. Children follow the behavior they are raised with, don't make them follow your aggressive nature for no big reason. Children need love and affection and someone who can hear them with no judging. they are the purest souls on earth. I know its easy said than done but with simple gestures we can win them. After rejecting many wombs, they have come in yours so think there is a reason to it.

They are too small to understand us in the exact way we want. so take it easy. the kids who need most of the love will ask for it in the best unloving ways.

"Anybody can become angry- that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose and in the right way that is not within everybody's power and is not easy". Children definitely are not the right person to show your anger. 

To raise a happy and a calm child, the mother needs to be calm and happy. So be a healthy and a happy mom.

Few tips to handle an angry child-

1. Make stories to follow your instructions. Like there is  tree outside and a sleeping baba lives on that tree, he checks on the children who are not sleeping so lets sleep or he will come and catch you.

2. Distract the child by talking about entirely different topic. Like whenever my daughter gets angry, I always start discussing about her upcoming birthday and she forgets our conflict issue and join me in the discussion. Try it.

3. Count- general rule says 1-10 but here we are talking about our kids so count 1-20

4. Take a deep breath and free yourself from the place for few minutes. Adding anger to anger only adds fuel to the fire.